How Showroom Works

Trust & Transparency is our Focus
How does Showroom work?

Showroom is the trusted marketplace of independent jewelry collections, we differentiate ourselves with a unique range of jewelry collections from both individuals & businesses.

How do I get started?

Sign in to create your Showroom profile and tap Post an Item to upload your jewelry collection. Add product photos/videos, a description, price, and other customizable features like brand, materials, product type, etc..

Do I need to create an account?

Showroom is free to browse without needing an account. In order to message members, list your collection or save a collection you will need to create a Showroom account.

Is it free to post my jewelry collection?

Yes! You can post up to 15 items for free, if you'd like to add more features you can upgrade Membership Plans.

How can I contact someone at Showroom?

We're building new features consistently & would love to hear questions or feedback from our members. Feel free to contact our founder at or fill out an email form on Contact Us.


Only members who are referred by existing verified Showroom members can publicly list items on Explore.

Expertise & Integrity Screening

Showroom conducts an expertise & integrity screening through in-person/video interviews & reference checks with existing Showroom members to verify credibility.

Accepted & Invited

Once accepted, you're invited to add your collection & services to Showroom.

Company History Check

Showroom needs to check how long a company has operated as well as screen previous work.

Manufacturing Check

Our manufacturing check is an extensive process going through your systems to ensure your company is up to Showroom standards. Must be In-house Manufacturing.

Service Check

With the service check we're able to see what exactly a business provides, so we can help connect your services with other businesses & consumers.

Storefront Screening

Your offline & online presence must be screened to meet our standards based around trust & transparency for our members.

Inventory/Collection Screening

The inventory check is an important step of the process in order to ensure that our members are getting what they are paying for.

Certified & Verified

All pieces of jewelry, watches, and the jewelers posting the item are certified and verified. We look for certificates and appraisals for jewelry. Original box and papers, purchase receipt or service records from the authorized dealer.

Appraisal Required

If the piece of jewelry posted is worth more than $1,500, the Showroom member must send a copy of the appraisal/certificate of value so we can ensure it is what it is.

Certificates or Papers

High-end watches need certificates or papers that won’t be posted to be shown publicly but are necessary for the pricing and authenticity.

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