Fabrication vs Manufacturing


Fabrication of jewelry is a whole other level in the world of jewelry -there are only a handful of companies/individuals that can offer a full fabrication. Fabrication refers to the process of a piece of jewelry being created from the design to the final product, all by hand.

Fabrication is a part of the jewelry world only maybe 10% can truly offer. To highlight the complexity of fabrication, we talked with Yasin Shuman who specializes in full fabrication service.

Let's break it down

He'll take a raw piece of gold or wax and;
  • Carve it (cast it if necessary)
  • Shape it
  • Polish it
  • Drill it (if necessary)
  • Polish it one final time
This is all by hand, in order to finish the piece.

Our goal with these blogs is to show the amount of time and hard work put into each individual piece of jewelry. While all jewelry is art, fabrication is on another level because these pieces are not just jewelry but they are complete pieces of art. Their value doesn't only just go up with the price of the metal or the precious gemstones, but with the artists value as well.


Manufacturing pieces is very similar to fabrication - the only different step of the process is that wax models are used to create intricate designs and extremely small details down to a point. This is done so that the client can get exactly what they’re looking for, no matter how creative they want to get.

Manufacturing is a mix of the old style of creating jewelry with technology added to the process as well. Utilizing 3D designs & printing, jewelers can save time by skipping two of the more time consuming processes in fabrication. Now, the process has a shortened design & carving process since that's simply done through 3D design & printing. Next, the piece of art goes back into the handmade parts of the process which starts with Gold Casting. Finally, it ends with the final polish as was explained above.

Why Does It Matter?

In jewelry there have been a lot of changes in styles & brands but a lot of people don't understand how their jewelry is being made (and maybe a lot of them don't care too either). However, high-level goods are starting to gain value for more than just one reason - this is why we believe everyone should have all the information necessary.

Between both manufacturers & fabricators with the time difference between both processes, and the scarcity of master fabricators, all high-end jewelry that is not fully hand-fabricated has to come from manufacturing.

There are some pieces that only became possible to create because of the technological side of the process. This is the process that all high-end jewelers use in order to make ridiculous pieces of jewelry. And we mean ridiculously creative.

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