How to Clean Jewelry at Home

How to clean jewelry - advice from a private jeweler

While high end jewelry is made with some of the strongest and beautiful materials daily wear still causes regular wear and tear. Oils, dirts, and dusts will only cover up the beautiful piece of art that you like to wear so much. So how do you keep it clean? We are here to give you a few different options without having to make a trip to your personal jeweler.

With high end jewelry, engagement rings, tennis chains/bracelets, cuban bracelets, or even all sorts of Cartier jewelry there are two best ways to clean it. Both ways require a soft toothbrush or paintbrush to slowly brush away any blemishes and clean it as best as possible.

The first method requires some toothpaste and soft brand new toothbrush.

This method is best for rings and earrings or small pendants rather than chains and bracelets. You put a small drop of toothpaste on the areas you want to clean, then wet the soft toothpaste with hot water. Softly brush the entire piece then clean it off with some hot water and let it sit and dry on a hand towel. An extra step you can take here is to put the piece in a small cup of boiling water for just a little and then let it dry on a hand towel.

The second method requires isopropyl alcohol

The second method requires the purchase of isopropyl alcohol stronger than 75%, the best option would be if you purchase one around 90%. First, you pour as much as you need into a glass bowl or cup without your piece of jewelry in it at all. From here you put the glass container in the microwave and heat it for 30 seconds (YOUR PIECE OF JEWELRY SHOULD NOT BE IN THE CONTAINER WHILE YOU ARE MICROWAVING).

Once your container is hot and out of the microwave, put your piece in the container or hot alcohol. Depending how much time you have let it sit in there. If it’s very dirty you can brush it clean with your brush wherever you need to. Lastly rinse the piece under your sink then let it dry. At no point should your piece of jewelry ever be put into a microwave. At no point should you walk away from the microwave while it’s heating up the isopropyl alcohol. Please e careful when using this method as isopropyl alcohol isn’t safe to drink, or to enter your body in anyway.

The third method gives you a bit more flexibility

The third method is to buy an ultrasonic cleaner and steamer combo, or a Magnasonic cleaner.

An ultrasonic cleaner and steamer combo isn’t super expensive and can be provided to you by your private jeweler. This is how they quickly clean your piece when you stop off at their store without fully polishing it. A Magnasonic cleaner was specifically created for consumers to be able to clean jewelry quickly at home with no hassle.

We've provided links to get you started of right - you can buy one at home right now from whichever provider you’re most comfortable with.
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