Member Interview - When Did I Buy My First Watch?

Why are watches that much of a statement?

I believe it’s since they’re generational - by that I mean since these watch companies have been around for so long and desired for just as long, many different age groups can connect with each other over something like watches. The first time I bought a high end watch was to be seen as an adult in business meetings since I was dealing with people twice my age. I bought a 1998 two-tone steel & yellow gold Rolex Submariner for around $6,000 when I was 20. I was having meetings with 35-60 year olds specifically looking for high-end watches and jewelry so I knew I had to wear a watch that wasn’t too flashy but at the same time represented what it needed to. Thankfully my old two-tone Submariner did exactly that. I was able to grow my business exponentially after I bought this watch simply for the fact I was able to be seen as an equal to people that wouldn’t even to talk to me without it.

Relatively, this is an equalizer for the younger generation - especially those that work with older people. It’s a way for you to be seen as more than just an executive assistant, junior accounts executive, financial advisor. It’s indicative of a saying I’ve heard all my life, you’ve got to spend money to make money. In the end, when I needed to I was able to sell this watch for around $12,000 and buy another watch. This watch was able to make my image that of someone who was older and more reputable than i was before, grew my business, and garnered my a 100% profit. Watches are beneficial in a lot of ways and I hope you get into collecting soon.

For this article, we spoke with Jai Jain who runs Golden Wave Jewelry & Manufacturing in Los Angeles - our goal is to make the jewelry world more approachable. More resources coming soon!

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