Should I Buy Lab Grown or Natural Diamonds?

Recently many brides & grooms have been opting in for lab grown diamonds or Moissanite - also known as - the ethically created diamond route over the natural diamond route.

So today we're breaking down the benefits behind ethically created & natural diamonds.

Ethically Created

You're certain to be getting high quality color, cut, and clarity with ethically created diamonds since that stone is created in the lab. The labs use two different methods, HPHT and CVD. These methods artificially recreate the natural conditions in which natural diamonds are created, allowing for natural diamonds to be created by forcing carbon atoms into a crystal like structure.

Then there is also the stone called Moissanite - it's a natural stone that is extremely rare but has been artificially recreated to be able to be engineered in a lab. They have a lot of similarity to diamonds and are considered ethically created along with HPHT and CVD since no mining is necessary to create them thus helping save the earth.

Finally, comes the price benefit - CVD is quite less expensive than natural diamonds, while HPHT is quite less expensive than CVD, and lastly Moissanite is less expensive than CVD.

Natural Diamonds

Natural Diamonds will have a certain appeal that can’t be beat. This is due to the knowledge behind how we know they’re found and created. It doesn’t just hold the value of a pretty stone but all the labour that it takes to create. Since it’s natural there is also a ridiculously higher value behind them. If you had bought a 5 carat Vvs1 diamond with a GIA certificate over twenty years ago, you would be able to sell that stone and retire comfortably.

Now let's talk investment potential - with natural diamonds you have a large investment potential as well as having something that is unique. Every natural diamond is different than the next, they may look very similar but to see the exact same diamond is almost impossible. Like a snowflake. As well as the option to find an antique diamond which you would be recycling from the last owner.

What should I pick?

Now if you’re stuck between choosing what to pick, you have to weigh your options. Recently a lot of the younger generation is opting for the way cheaper ethically created route, waiting until they find the perfect natural diamond without compromising on size or the three C’s.

In the end, it really comes down to what your heart tells you because this diamond will stay with you for your entire life - with the potential of being passed down to someone in your family. So why compromise where you don’t have to?
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