What does Diamond Clarity mean?

Flawless (F)

Flawless is basically not even available, if there is a flawless stone available it is always gonna be GIA certified (not egl). When we say flawless this means this diamond came out of the mines basically looking like this. It only needs a little bit of polishing and cutting work because it comes out perfectly. Where it’s a XXX make (the diamond has the perfect amount of tables and facets for the light to bounce off of) the color is the only thing that can be off in a flawless or internally flawless diamond. Can’t be considered F or IF without a XXX make.

Internally Flawless (IF)

Internally flawless is not as unavailable as flawless but it’s still considered at a similar level as flawless because how hard it’s availability is and simply the difficulty of cleaning and cutting flawless and Internally Flawless diamonds is so high. That even after they find the diamond in the mine, which is a less than 1% chance, the lapidarist (diamond cutter) has to be perfect, in order to not destroy the integrity of the stone. An IF stone also has to have a XXX make regardless of the color of the stone.

Very Very Slightly Included 1 (Vvs1)

Vvs1 stands for Very Very Slightly. Vvs1 is considered the highest quality that even high end customers can afford, those other two are literally meant for multi-billionaires. Not millionaires. So let’s say that’s where our actual scale starts. The end of our scale is Si2 I don’t use anything worse than that, and high quality goods are not anything lower than that. Talking about Vvs1 however this is another stone just like Flawless and Internally flawless that must always be GIA certified especially if it’s a large stone. Vvs1 also has to be a XXX make just like F and IF. Other certification places try and stay away from classifying as Vvs1 since they get it wrong so much and the price difference is drastic. Untrusted Jewelers will actively try to sell you Vvs with no certificate to make more money as well so be aware.

Very Very Slightly included Two (Vvs2)

Very very slight two stands for Vvs2. After Vvs1 comes Vvs2 which basically means it’s just a very slightly worse version of Vvs1. The make will still usually be a true XXX (more facets more tables more angles for the light to bounce off of).

Very Slightly 1 & Very Slightly 2 (Vs1 & Vs2)

Then we have Vs1 and Vs2. A true Vs1 should always be looked at and almost thought that’s it’s a Vvs2, but it usually isn’t bc I’d the condition of the exterior of the stone rather than the interior. There’s only so much a lapidarist can clean & cut on the diamond for it to look flawless. Vs2 is simply a slightly more included version of Vs1 and the same can be said for it has vs1 to Vvs2. Vvs2, Vs1, and Vs2 can also be GIA certified and should be, but really only large stones, these are a lot more readily available and the price difference is steep for them occasionally.

Slightly Included 1 & 2 (SI)

Now we get into the SI diamonds, or slightly included. This is where our scale comes to an end. We don’t work with anything less than Si2 at all. In slightly included, we have Si1 and Si2. This means that the imperfections in the diamond are not just around the sides anymore and very faint, but more in the table or center of the stone and clearly visible. Slightly included also holds all black feathers, in vs and higher it’s hard to grade the stone that high with a black feather. A black feather means there’s a clear black spot in the diamond that can be visible just from the eye as well. That’s what makes the diamond undesirable.

Take caution and know what you’re buying when it comes to diamonds

Hopefully this guide gave you a little bit more information than you knew before and now you’re ready to talk to your jeweler for your pieces!
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