What Type of Chain Should I Buy?

If you’re buying your first large chain, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself.

What style of chain do I like?

Is this an investment or a statement?

What is my budget?

Something light?

Since there are so many styles and types of chains you can buy you have to have the information to truly decide what you want. A simple clean chain, a big heavy chain, or a chain that is an absolute statement. When you’re thinking of simple and clean you’re looking at a price range of up to around $750-$4,500. There are quite a lot of options in this range from the classic Cuban, the clean Rope Chain, the never dying Figaro, the flashy tennis chain or even a Hermès link.

Something Heavy?

For a big heavy chain you’re trying to make a statement while also having an investment in your chain. We always recommend in going with a solid gold 18k gold chain when you’re looking to investment in gold. The reason for this is because you have around 73% of gold in your chain and 27% alloy. 14k can also be used as an investment since it’s around 55% to 45%. 10k, in our opinion, doesn’t have enough gold in it relative to the alloy in it to be considered an investment unless you’re purchasing more than half a kilo if it for your chain.


When you’re going for an absolute statement you are looking at purchasing something like an infinity link chain fully Iced out in honeycomb setting, a Cuban chain (any of the many styles), a big diamond tennis chain, or something crazy and custom that only you can think of. When we talk about a statement piece we are looking at something costing around 40k minimum and can go up to truly anything. These types of chains when bought correctly are also investment pieces. You have to know the information behind the labor to understand what you’re buying, then even a statement piece with a ton of diamonds or gemstones can be a huge investment piece.

Damn I wish I knew that…

When you’re purchasing a piece with diamonds in it, one of the main things to understand is that you don’t want to be paying for gold that isn’t in your chain. When you’re buying a chain of this caliber you should also know how the chain is made. They are casted in gold with the holes already in there. From there we do drill into each hole just a little to shape it perfectly for each diamond. But since we aren’t fully drilling it, the jewelry term for a fully drilled piece would be a pavé piece, the loss of gold is extremely minimum. In the end you need to make sure you’re only paying for the weight of your chain, and not any extra gold loss, that can also be covered in what is charged in labor. So always get a breakdown to know exactly what you’re paying.

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